Stepping It Up for Dyslexia

Around the country, parent’s organizations are farther along than ever before in helping to bring forward legislation to put dyslexia on the map of intervention and remediation. Acknowledging and remediating dyslexia has the power to transform the lives of children, and to reshape the landscape of educational and life success for our nation.

Two districts in Texas are examples of what remains a committed effort by professionals and parents, starting with the passage of the nation’s first dyslexia law in 1985. The last few legislative sessions resulted in greater professional training, greater access to assistive technology and greater accountability through the counting of students with dyslexia.¬†Knowing the numbers helps to establish the need for what is the most necessary ingredient in this arena: systems that are K-12 that follow the “lifecycle” of a child in school, that go from identification – remediation – to, ultimately – self advocacy and transition to higher education and career.

Here are two examples of fine work being done for families of students with dyslexia — though there is more to do, there is progress, and hope.

Round Rock, Texas ISD (with a special nod to their work on dysgraphia!)


Richardson Independent School District, serving students in Garland, Dallas, and Richardson, Texas








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