logo3700299_mdshutterstock_138005894The Parents Dyslexia Education Group (PDEG) was founded in Dallas, Texas and serves as a support and education group for parents of children identified with dyslexia within the Richardson Independent School District.

The State of Texas requires that districts serve the remediation and educational needs of children identified with dyslexia, and that districts provide parent education on the topic of dyslexia, its remediation, intervention programs, classroom and testing accommodations.

PDEG is a partner to our district, working collaboratively to create a shared understanding of dyslexia among educators, parents and students. The group is facilitated by a volunteer parent leader.

We share resources for collaborative relationships with parents, teachers and administrators, effective advocacy tools, and support.

We believe that parents and schools share the same responsibility and goal — that children learn and become successful, lifelong learners.

Through these pages, we hope to help other parents, districts — teachers, principals and administrators around the country understand dyslexia and better support children and their families. We know that dyslexia education and remediation is a two-way street. Home life and school life can be draining, especially at first, and the most helpful scenario is when families and schools can grow together in understanding and support.

Schools can be the messengers of hope for children and parents impacted by dyslexia, and parents can be that passionate support system schools need to motivate students as they face educational challenges.

The question and challenge is – how do we get there?