Researching Advocacy – You Can Help


shutterstock_1380058942At this time of the year, it is important to give thanks for those who have helped us on our journey as parents, and as educators working with students experiencing dyslexia and related learning differences. A Boston University student, Celeste Hamre, is seeking the stories of educators and parents in order to better define the advocacy pathway for families. Helping our students can be a roadmap of triumph and difficulty as we seek to raise awareness, match data with appropriate instruction and motivate students to become readers and use reading to drive learning and intellectual growth. Telling our stories of success, and what would have helped us will greatly help the students, parents and educators who follow our footsteps.

I am excited to hear more about this research design and the see the ultimate product. Hopefully, it will bring light and hope.

To learn more and to participate in this student’s work, click here.

Have a Happy Holiday season and a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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