About Hope for Dyslexia

This is a great piece, http://billingsgazette.com/news/local/education/for-students-struggling-to-read-hope-comes-one-sound-at/article_74af745e-55d8-5b4e-8a33-f2a90097442a.html and window into the power of a committed educator. It is notable for it’s emphasis as teaching or instruction as the route to correcting reading difficulties. The right kind of instruction brings capability where there was despair.

It isn’t too late for these boys – it is never too late. Yet, the article should renew in all of us the hope that children like these boys will be “found” this year, the ones who haven’t been identified yet will find their way, that parents and districts full of educators will want to get up to date and embrace what is well known about dyslexia, and teach.

Let’s find these children, and intervene early and well.


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